And our ‘Baking Stars’ for this week are …..


Congrats to Elisabeth Knap, Faisal Rauf, and Christine Selboe for being chosen as The Bake-a-logue’s ‘Baking Stars’ for this week … Here is a little more about them and what they baked …

Chocolate Cupcake with Chocolate-Orange Frosting by Christine Selboe: 

Christine Selboe is a Communication Adviser from Norway! Being a huge fan of Handball, Christine baked this delicious cupcake with Ivano Balic in mind!  The cupcake with chocolate-orange frosting was baked using ‘Kefir Milk’ (buttermilk) which Christine tells us is her key to making great cupcakes. Thank you for sharing this with us Christine! We are pleased to hear you will be in Dubai soon and would love to meet up to hear more about the ‘cupcake phase’ you went through …. 


Walnut Whip Cake baked by Faisal Rauf: 

Faisal Rauf is a young Brit who loves to play rugby, climb mountains, AND bake!! And looking at that fabulous Walnut Whip Cake we have no doubt you can definitely bake Faisal! We were intrigued to hear what was inside that cake and were told it’s chocolate sponge, layered with vanilla cream and covered with chocolate ganache and walnuts! Talk about being on a chocolate high afterwards!  .. Thank you so much for sharing this with us Faisal! Full marks for creativity!!


Sticky Chocolate Cake with Raspberries by Elisabeth Knap:

Our next ‘Baking Star’ for today is Elisabeth Knap, also from Norway! If the name sounds familiar then that’s probably because she is always the first one to answer to any of our competitions … and gets them right too!  Elisabeth made this divine-looking sticky chocolate cake with raspberries which she served with whipped cream! When we asked her if there was any pic with the cream, the answer was obvious … ‘the cake finished so fast there was hardly any time to take another pic!’ Thank you for sharing the cake crumbs with us Elisabeth Knap! Wonderful neat work! 



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