Strawberry Muffins – Never looked so forward to breakfast before!


Today we thought we should try out a breakfast item.. so the first thing that came to mind was muffins. And now that you all know I have a bit of a red obsession going on so decided to make it Strawberry Muffins! 🙂

If you have never baked before, then this would be the perfect choice to get started for the following reasons:

1. It is such a simple recipe: all you need is the ingredients (duh!), two bowls, and a whisk.
2. Muffins are not meant to be pretty, so the last thing you need to worry about is how they would look.
3. Oh the aroma! The recipe has cinnamon in it and we all know the wonderful aroma that gives! The neighbours wont complain either! But they will expect a batch though so make some extra!:)

Trust me, you cannot go wrong with this simple recipe! So do give it a try, and look forward to breakfast tomorrow .. 🙂 Click Here to view the recipe ..



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