Are you ready to take a quick trip to Italy?


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Sapori di Bice, City Walk, Dubai

This week I’m taking you on a mini trip to Italy …and if you have been to Sapori di Bice in Dubai, then you will know I am not exaggerating one bit! I stumbled upon Sapori di Bice by chance, as my girlfriends made a last minute plan to meet up there for breakfast. The minute I stepped inside I just knew I had to come back again for my cake spy section … Sapori di Bice has such a positive vibe about it, and is one of those rare places where whether you go alone, with friends, or even kids, you will feel very much at home. They have an all-day dining menu and the portions served are generous enough to be shared! So if you’re feeling the pinch a bit, then don’t worry as Sapori di Bice will be your perfect choice to enjoy good quality food at a very reasonable price, in a very warm and friendly-setting. The interior at Sapori di Bice has been done to perfection, with every little minute detail taken in to account to remind you of Italy. I’ll let the slideshow do all the talking as far as that’s concerned.

Whether you’re in to savouries, sweets, or even just one of those healthy fruit and veg kind, there is a section for everyone. Everything at Sapori di Bice looks so fresh and welcoming and is prepared by a full Italian culinary team. Starting with the savouries, there is a very good selection of freshly made bread served with different kinds of sauce. One basket of bread would be more than enough for 2 people to share, and costs just 20 Dirhams. Kids will particularly enjoy the pizza section, as they do get to be involved in the making-process and choose their own character shapes and toppings. Heading over to desserts, there is a large selection of cakes, muffins, and mini appetisers. My choice for the day was ‘Italian Cheesecake’ and I just had to try their ‘Grandmother Cookies’ filled with raspberry jam. Both were an absolute delight to have. In fact I will head back there on my day off with a book in tow just to have those ‘Grandmother Cookies’ again with a cup of coffee while soaking up the sun (until the good weather lasts!). I spent approximately AED 80 for the 3 items ordered. Now that is a very reasonable price considering the portions that were served.


With the weekend coming up, Sapori di Bice would be our ‘pick of the week’ for you to enjoy. It is the perfect place to unwind after a long week. So make the most of this amazing weather and enjoy some good quality food with people who matter most to you. Thank you to the entire staff at Sapori di Bice for making our visit a special one! Will definitely be back again soon!


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