It’s Blondie’s time!


Today was supposed to be ‘Cake Spy’ day at The Bake-a-logue, but due to road closures for the Dubai Tour 2014 (cycling event), decided to postpone that until next week and bake something instead …. So the recipe for today is going to be Blondies! If you are a fan of chocolate chips and enjoy the caramel taste, then this recipe is definitely for you! In fact if you bake regularly then you may well be munching on these in the next hour or so, as it requires very basic ingredients. Click Here to view the recipe …

I usually like to put in a bit of an effort when it comes to baking, so when the recipe is as simple as this one, then I just have to do something different with the presentation. As most of you already know, there’s a hidden Brit in me that tends to make an appearance every now and then, and today is one of those days … so allow me to present to you, the first Wonder of my kitchen ….  the Stonehenge! 😀 Is that creative enough for you? 🙂



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