Good Morning from Dubai!


Good Morning from Dubai! Very excited about ‘Baking Stars’ tomorrow as have received some fantastic pics from our readers! Still waiting to receive yours though, so if you already haven’t then simply inbox us here or email to A bit more about todays pics then … 


Top Pic: that’s Christine Selboe, our ‘Baking Star’ from previous weeks, sky diving over The Palm – one of Dubai’s aritifical islands in the shape of a palm tree with a crescent on top! And yes, there are people living there! As breathtaking as the view is, don’t think I’m as brave as Christine to take the plunge though! *gulp*

Bottom Left: Burj Al Arab – a luxury hotel, also the fourth tallest hotel in the world, designed as the sail of a ship. If you’re visiting Dubai, then do take a tour of the Burj Al Arab, as it is quite an experience! 

Bottom Right: Cayan Tower Dubai – the world’s tallest twisted skyscraper in Dubai Marina. It is apparently twisted at an angle of 90 degrees from bottom to top! Amazing concept!


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