It’s time to take it up a notch ….


Now that we’ve known eachother a little while and learnt all the basic baking skills, thought the time was right to move on to the next level … fondant decorating! This is something I thoroughly enjoy doing .. yes, it can be quite time-consuming but it really gives you the chance to be creative. So today i’ll be launching a brand new section on The Bake-a-logue by the name of ‘Tutorials’. And to kick off the first session I’ve chosen to do rose cupcakes. Think it might be worth reminding here that I’m not a professional baker and so the end-product may not always be ‘perfect’ but hopefully ‘inspiring’ 🙂 … Click Here to view the first tutorial



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    • Thank you so much Betty! We seem to share a common passion for cake decorating. Saw some of your work which looked fantastic. If there is any particular pic you would like to share with The Bake-a-logue, then please do so. I encourage everyone to send me pics of their baking and I upload them alongwith their name as my ‘Baking Star’ every Saturday. This is promoted on the blog as well as my facebook page

      Thanks once again

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