Time to pick my favourite desserts of the week …


It’s Saturday! The time of the week where I get to pick my favourite desserts doing rounds on the blog, and present them as my ‘Baking Stars’. 🙂 And this week the two desserts that impressed me the most were those baked by Charlotte Page and Betty Ferguson. If you haven’t already seen these, then here they are are again as The Bakealogues ‘Baking Star’ of the week …

Raspberry Bakewell Cake by Charlotte Page:
Just have a look at this scrumptious-looking Raspberry Bakewell Cake! The cake looks amazing as it is, but the ice cream scoop on the side just adds to the whole oomph factor! Awesome work Charlotte and thank you for sharing this with us.


Birthday Cake baked by Betty Ferguson: 
Take a look at this pretty birthday sheet cake with butter cream baked by Betty Ferguson! Simply love the delicate fondant flowers been done to perfection. Neat work! Thank you so much for sharing this with us Betty! 


If you would also like to become a part of our ‘Baking Star of the Week’ then simply email me pics of what you have baked along with your name to thebakealogue@gmail.com. It really is that simple! 🙂


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