Eating doughnuts … with a lot less guilt!


Choosing what to bake can sometimes be quite tricky as it may well put you off your favourite dessert once you know what really goes on behind the scenes …. and that’s exactly what happened with me and doughnuts! I decided to make some a few months ago which I ended up regretting big time.. I was shocked to be honest, after discovering how much of oil is involved (not to mention the sugar!). And that was that … i stopped eating doughnuts (and began having nightmares of all those Krispe Kreme’s consumed during my London days!). However, all this baking I’ve been doing got me thinking again and I wondered if it was possible to have a healthier version of doughnuts …. and the answer is yes there is – they’re called baked doughnuts! So that’s the recipe I’m going to be sharing with you today.. the flavours I used are cinnamon,icing sugar,chocolate sprinkles, as well as plain doughnuts! But I will admit, the taste is perhaps not exactly the same as the usual deep fried doughnut, but they still taste good. Besides, i’d much rather have this healthier option as my theory is simple … if it’s baked, then it has to be healthy! šŸ™‚ Click Here to view the recipe



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