Lets beat the heat ….


It’s boiling in Dubai today (38 degrees) and hard to believe it was winter not so long ago! Unfortunately I baked todays cake before stepping out in the heat, otherwise I would’ve done it another way … Anyhow, today’s recipe is Cookies’n’Cream Oreo cake! If you love oreo’s then this cake will delight you! I have used simple whipped cream with icing sugar for the frosting, but now that i’m in desperate need of ice cream to cool down, I realised this cake would taste amazing if served without frosting but vanilla ice cream instead! Too late for me to do that now as I already did the icing before leaving, but no reason why you can’t enjoy it that way! 🙂 So give this simple recipe a try and stay cool! 😀 Click on the image to view the recipe …




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    • Thanks so much Scarlett! Just had a look at the gingerbread bunnies you baked! They look so cute .. How can someone have the heart to eat them 😦 … thank you for following The Bake-a-logue, will have a look at your page as soon as i hit the ‘reply’ button 🙂

      • Ahh so sorry, I just realised your name is Emory! Apologies once again … but at least now you know I did read your blog … am a follower too now 🙂

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