Catch up over Coffee?


How was your mini-break then? Finally got time to have a proper catch up with my friends over coffee yesterday … as Dubai is overflowing with tourists these days we were avoiding the shopping mall at all costs and were on the lookout for a nice quiet place … so our choice of venue yesterday was Pantry Cafe located in Wasl Square, Dubai. As soon as I stepped inside, I knew it was totally my kind of place as I love cafe’s which have a lot of personality to it! We were greeted by friendly staff, and handed mini iPads as the menu (what a great idea in this fast-paced world!). Whether you choose to have breakfast, brunch, or just simple desserts, the Cafe has something for everyone. I went for the Apple Crumble dessert, which was quite good and not too sweet. But the part about the Cafe which I liked the most was the kitchen gift items on display. There were a lot of cute yet useful items to choose from such as baking sets, colourful mugs, and a lot more (refer to the shelves pic to see the variety!). The overall ambience was the biggest selling point for me, and though I only had dessert this time, would definitely be going back again to try out their breakfast! So if you happen to be in Dubai and are tired of meeting up in malls, then you might want to consider Pantry Cafe …


Pantry Cafe, Dubai


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