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It’s Sunday! While most of us are still enjoying the weekend, some of us are back to work … I’ve always found that confusing and feel the weekend should be the same for everyone worldwide! Oh well, whether at home or work, I’m sure the moods are similar as we all still recuperate from Saturdays events! 🙂 … thought it would be a good time to take a break from baking and have a chat with you guys! 🙂

Came across this pic while surfing the net this morning, and thought it would make a great discussion for the blog. Do you agree with the sign and think wifi technology is starting to make us anti-social? As much as I love the world of technology I would have to agree with it though. Just the other day I was meeting a friend for lunch, and as I looked around I was horrified by the sight …. majority of the people were actually walking with their heads down,glued to their phones, typing away followed by the occasional ‘oops, sorry!’ as they bumped into other people! I was not too pleased. Are we really that addicted to our phones now? I’ll be the first to confess I was guilty of doing the same not so long ago, and the minute my phone beeped with a new mail or message I would be quick to jump at it to see who it was. However, I vowed to bring about a change in my habits after that day, and as my new rule, the minute I step out of the house the phone is not allowed to come out of the bag! I do allow myself the occasional check once or twice (c’mon I’m a blogger and need to keep an eye on things! :)), but then strictly stay away from it the minute the friends arrive! I’m sure I speak for quite a few of us here as I have noticed others who do get annoyed by people using their phones in the middle of conversations, or the fact the table doesn’t stop vibrating every time a person receives a message and happily obliges to it followed by ‘sorry, what were you saying?’ So I would welcome such places that have no wifi connections as at least that way we would get to talk in peace! At least that’s my take on it …. what’s your story?



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