Hallelujah!! Dubai’s first-ever dessert delivery place!


Sugar Moo Desserts



If you live in Dubai and are a dessert-freak like me,then have i got news for you!! There’s finally a proper dessert delivery place that has been launched in Dubai by the name of Sugar Moo. The Bakealogue was fortunate enough to be part of their soft launch which means i’ve already had a sneak peak and tasting session of their desserts (I love my job!!) and couldn’t wait to tell you guys about it coz man were they divine!!! But lets start from the beginning … when I first heard about Sugar Moo, my question was probably the same as what most of you are thinking right now – “Sugar Moo? What does that even mean!” – the explanation was pretty simple as Raki Phillips, co-founder of Sugar Moo, explained to me “The two most common ingredients used in making desserts are sugar and milk … put that together and what does that give you? Sugar Moo!” … And now we’re all probably going “Ahhhhh, creative!!!”. But their creativity doesn’t just stop at the name, as if you have a look at their menu their desserts aren’t the usual we’ve had time and again and pretty much bored of now to be honest! They have really thought out their desserts quite well, and come up with something completely new! While almost everything on their menu tastes incredibly delicious and different, but two desserts that deserve a special mention here are the “Twisted Apple Crumble Cheesecake” and “Seductive Cheesecake with a Surprise”. As you can see in the picture the presentation is immaculate as it is, but that’s not what sold me here … I’ve never been a fan of cheesecakes so the plan was i’ll have a bite or two and then share with my husband whose more of a cheesecake fan. So I started off with pretty low expectations and my thoughts through the first few bites were as follows… “Hmm, not bad”, “This isn’t bad at all” , “This is pretty good actually” , “Ahmed, I don’t think i’m sharing this with you anymore, get your own!” … *and then when halfway through the cheesecake* “Omg, look there’s a surprise in the middle!”. And I’m not even kidding here, that is the uniqueness of it all. They actually have a surprise element in the middle of their cheesecake (different surprise in each one) which completely takes you by surprise and changes the taste completely! So it’s practically like eating two of your favourite desserts at once. In fact, my husband who doesn’t comment much on desserts couldn’t resist either and was full of praise. I’m kinda debating with myself right now over if I should tell you what the surprise was or leave you curious. But I think curiosity would be the better option here as that’s how you will end up pleasantly surprised like me, and enjoy every single bite that remains. So these two are the highly recommended desserts I would encourage you to order from Sugar Moo. They have a range of other delicious goodies to choose from too though such as the Tootsie Rolls or even the Cupookies (another creative name they came up with for cupcakes & cookies combined in the shape of a cup!). I think their packaging and presentation deserves a special mention too, as they deliver the desserts in such a nice way that it reaches you in mint condition, and won’t be a case of smudged up desserts. In fact the first thought that I had when I saw them was how great this would be for parties as it looked very proper and presentable! So there’s another thought for those of you hosting a party soon! ;). I bet now you’re probably convinced that if Sugar Moo really is as great as I make it sound, then the pricing will be over the top too! Well, then you’re in for another surprise my friend, coz I thought it was quite reasonably priced. Most of their items are priced in the AED 25 – 40 range. But even if it was priced a lot more, I’d certainly go for it knowing how incredible it tasted! Right, that’s enough from me now, and time for you to pick up the phone, dial 800 SUGAR (78427), and order away. If you’re out of phone credits or haven’t paid your bill (:D) then not to worry as you can order online too at http://www.sugarmoo.com. 😀 Make sure you’re home though coz Sugar Moo is pretty punctual and desserts are delivered on the dot! Thank you so much Sugar Moo for the wonderful opportunity to taste your desserts. Sugar Moo is a wonderful concept and a welcoming thought for home bakers like myself who look forward to days off! All the best from The Bakealogue 🙂 …


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