It’s never too late to go shopping!


At times I wonder how the older generation enjoyed baking as there were barely any baking gadgets available. I guess their work felt more rewarding towards the end though, as it was a much longer process! I’m so thankful however, my love for baking developed after the invention of all these gadgets as I absolutely love shopping for baking items. Here’s a sneak peak of the latest ones I bought and can’t wait to try out ….

Batter Dispenser: 


Ok, so I agree this is not an essential baking item to have as life did go on without one, but I couldn’t help it … the entire process of pouring the batter into the cupcake cases seemed so much less messy and a step closer to getting the same-sized cupcakes! And not just that, you can actually use this dispenser for a lot of other things too such as making pancakes! Oh please just agree with me here, so I feel less guilty about buying this one … pretty please!

Cake Leveller Tin:


Now this one, was an essential purchase! I’ve always wanted to make a 3 layered cake with icing in between but hadn’t so far, coz it’s just too time-consuming to either bake the layers in separate cake tins, or risk slicing one cake into even-sized layers! But with this cake leveller tin, all I have to do is just place the baked cake in the middle and slice with the help of the levels given. The tin also expands should you bake a bigger sized cake. Can’t wait to try this one out!

Time to head to good’ol Ikea now to purchase a new cabinet! Happy Shopping! 🙂


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