Name suggestion ….


How’s the Monday going so far? It is a beautiful rainy day in Dubai today, that has resulted in smiles all around! Amazing how weather can actually affect one’s mood … Dubai winter is for keeps! šŸ™‚

Coming back to the blog, I realised I had uploaded quite a few weekend (that’s my time off from baking) dinner recipes in recent months … so thought I should perhaps dedicate a section to that too, so all those recipes are in one place and easier for you to find. Can’t decide what to name that section though, which is where I need your help! Can you help suggest a name for this section?

Weekend dinner recipes

Weekend dinner recipes

Name of the existing sections on the blog include:

Ready Steady Bake – contains all the baked dessert recipes

Missing Sweet Tooth – contains all the baked savoury recipes

Cake Spy – my written reviews on baked goodies around town

In Your Kitchen – dedicated to what you bake in your kitchen alongwith the pics of ‘Baking Stars’

Tips & Tricks – contains all the stuff I learnt through experimenting

Tutorial – step by step pics dedicated to prove decorating is not as hard as it seems!

Gadgets – my recommended baking gadgets to use

Books – a quick review on my recommended baking books

Look forward to hearing your thoughts …


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