I can sing a rainbow too!


Today had started off nice and quiet until a friend of mine sent me a recipe link for Rainbow Cookies, and next thing I knew, I was in the kitchen sifting ingredients as I couldn’t wait to get started on these! I’ve attached the link of this creative video by Eugenie, and chances are you’ll be in the kitchen by the end of it too .. hehe! Ok, so the original plan was to make it exactly as Eugenie had in her video, but to be honest, colouring the dough ended up being so time-consuming, that I lost the will halfway, and decided to just bake these as individual cookies. I was pretty relieved to see the coloured layers stay the same even after baking, so all the effort of stacking up the layers prior to baking is kinda worth it. The taste is quite similar to shortbread cookies and goes quite well with a cup of tea .. Regardless of whether you’re going to bake these or not, I would suggest you watch the video anyway, as it’s simply beautiful!

Rainbow Cookies

Rainbow Cookies

Thank you Saima Ahmed, for sharing this beautiful recipe link with me. If you also have a recipe, you’d like The Bakealogue to try out first, then send away … Happy Baking! smile emoticon

Link to Eugenie’s video is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2yW_VONWco


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