Time to tickle those taste buds!


And I’m back!! How’s it going everyone? Apologies for the silent treatment the last few weeks, but had family and friends visiting recently and I went into complete lazy mode after they left. My friends have been nagging me the whole time to get back on baking track but I just wasn’t finding that inspiration anywhere to snap out of this phase … that was up until I came across a brilliant cafe yesterday that did the trick and made me want to bake again …

I’m referring to Spontiphoria Cafe on Wasl Square in Dubai. This cafe was truly love at first sight for me .. it was very bright and welcoming, and had such a cosy set up and ‘feel good’ factor, it almost felt like walking into the brightest room of your house! Spontiphoria is the first of its kind in Dubai as it’s actually a boutique as well a bakery. I was there to attend a Basic Baking Demo session yesterday which my friend had luckily signed me up for (and will probably expect baked goodies in return now as a thank you). I was greeted by the friendly owner, Sidiqa Sohail, and it was great to speak to someone who also has a strong passion for baking and had come such a long way to set up a wonderful cafe that had obviously become a crowd favourite by many.


As I waited for the demo to start, I flicked through the menu which was an absolute treat! They have so much to offer be it breakfast, snacks or simply desserts. The sandwiches they offer as snacks looked quite interesting as they were named after different cities worldwide. They served mini chutney sandwiches as the nibbles during the demo, and they were absolutely delicious! Definitely ordering those again when I visit next. But the part that stood out for me the most, was the section named ‘Dessert as meals!’ … and I do not joke, when I say there was a ‘Chocolate Burger’ on that menu as well! Now that is a dream come true for chocoholics like me! But as I was there for the demo, I had to behave, and decided to save digging in to all the wonderful treats at Spontiphoria for my next visit. It didn’t stop me from tasting their best seller ‘Salted Caramel Brownies’ though …. yummylicious!

The baking demo in itself was very informative. It was a good turnout, and everyone absolutely loved icing their own mini cupcakes towards the end. Spontiphoria does host many events throughout the year, so make sure you visit their Facebook page www.facebook.com/spontiphoria to keep track of it all.

My overall experience at Spontiphoria was an excellent one! I’ve always had a soft corner for cafe’s with the ‘home-made’ feel to it, and Spontiphoria definitely ticks that box. I’ve already made plans with friends to visit Spontiphoria again soon and will keep you posted on all the new goodies I try out. In the meantime, make sure you make your way there too and you’ll see what I meant about the ‘feel good’ factor.

Thank you Spontiphoria team for the wonderful experience!


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