Adios weekend!


Time to share a quick dinner recipe now, before the weekend is over and we face the dreading task of what to wear to work tomorrow! So today, I have for you Chicken Pasta with veggies! It’s pretty simple to prepare and more or less a case of tossing chicken with your fave veggies! Recipe added below but I have not mentioned the quantity as that is pretty much down to your taste. But basic method I use has been explained…

Chicken Pasta with Veggies

Boil water (enough to cover the pasta shells) with a few drops of oil and salt. When water starts to boil, add the pasta shells and let it boil. When the pasta shells have softened, drain them out in a strainer and run cold water over it. Doing so, will also prevent the pasta shells from sticking.

Meanwhile, in a wok heat a little oil,add and sautee your choice of veggies (I used green pepper, mushrooms,onions and sweet corn). Add the chicken strips and season with salt, black pepper and ginger garlic paste. When the chicken has cooked a lil, add bolognese sauce (or any pasta sauce of your choice). Toss and turn to make sure sauce mixes well with the other ingredients. Add the boiled pasta shells to the dish and mix well…. Ta daa! Your chicken pasta with veggies is ready! Garnish with herbs before serving. 🙂

Bon Appetit!


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