Sweet cravings!


What you’re staring at right now is a chocolate chip cookie that was ready in less than 1 minute! I kid you not, this is one of those microwavable chocolate chip cookie desserts that seems to be the latest trend in the world of baking these days. Although I have never been a fan of cooking/baking in a microwave, but I was willing to make an exception after watching it on the Cupcakes, Cookies & Cardio channel on youtube as it just looked so easy yet divine! Result? Not only is this recipe the perfect quick fix for those dessert cravings at odd hours, but the fact it is a single serving seems like the perfect solution for someone like me who can’t keep too much of junk food around the house as I end up eating it all! There are a lot of variations one can make with this, such as using m&m’s (as was done in the original recipe), or if you’re feeling really naughty, maybe you can even top it up with a scoop of ice-cream too! By the way, this dessert is best eaten right away to enjoy the chewy texture of the cookie, as it would only harden over time! So I would not recommend you to make this in advance. There can’t possibly be a better way to satisfy those sweet cravings …. so far! Might have to make myself another one as I watch the Season 2 finale of Silicon Valley tonight … anyone else addicted to it like me?

Microwave Chocolate Cookie dessert

Recipe as follows: 

Unsalted butter (at room temperature): 1 tbsp
Caster Sugar: 1 tbsp
Dark Brown Sugar: 1 tbsp
Egg Yolk: 1
Vanilla Essence: 1 tsp
All Purpose Flour: 3 tbsp
Chocolate chips: 1 tbsp or as required
– In a mug or small microwavable bowl (the cookie dough will rise slightly during baking so make sure there is enough space on top of the bowl), cream together the unsalted butter, caster sugar, and dark brown sugar.
– Add the egg yolk, followed by vanilla essence.
– Add the all purpose flour one tablespoon at a time.
– Stir in the chocolate chips.
– Microwave the chocolate chip cookie, for approximately 30 seconds. If it still looks slightly wobbly, then microwave it for 10 more seconds. Remember not to overcook, as that would only dry out the cookie a lot more.
– Pour some more chocolate chips over the cookie while it is still hot so the chocolate melts a little making it even more delicious!


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    • Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog! This dessert is kinda like the Pringles tagline ‘Once you pop, you can’t stop!’ … as you really are tempted to make it over and over again! Let me know how you get on 🙂

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