Whose up for some gossip?


Whose up for some gossip then?:D Today was an afternoon well spent not just gossiping with my old school friends, but also at a cafe that happens to be called Gossip Cafe & Desserts. Catchy name isn’t it? That’s what actually tempted me to try out the place at Box Park (Dubai), as I was initially headed somewhere else. Well, I’m certainly glad I did, coz it ticked all the boxes I look out for when visiting a cafe … Ambience? Very cosy .. Friendly staff? Definitely .. Helpful staff? Very … Dessert variety? Gained calories just by going through the options … Dessert taste? Deeelicious, or at least the Date & Toffee Pudding I tried definitely was … Pricey? Just a tad, but certainly not if you’re sharing the dessert .. Will I go back again? For sure! Still have to try their ‘Ultimate Dessert’ which the staff highly recommended! It’s not just desserts by the way, as they have other options too for the ones with the missing sweet tooth ;). So fix a date with your besties and stay up to date with all the gossip at Gossip Cafe & Desserts located at Box Park, Dubai.


Gossip Cafe & Desserts, Dubai


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