Hi, my name is Muna and I’m a bake-a-holic! The Bakealogue is a personal blog about my journey as an amateur baker whose life revolves around anything sweet. The main purpose of my blog is simple … to share baking experiences with you (both good and bad). Whether it’s a new book i’ve just ordered, a to-die for dessert i’ve just tried, or a new baking recipe that must be shared … that’s what I’ll be blogging about!

Though I’ve always had a sweet tooth, baking for me happened by chance … it was a dark and gloomy day in London and felt like the perfect time to indulge in some chocolate cake. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) stepping out at the time was not an option due to bad weather. Therefore, my only hope was to bake one myself! I had luckily purchased a Betty Crocker cake mix a few days ago, and that’s exactly what I relied on for my first ever bake! It was a great confidence boost to start out with, and kept the interest going until I finally decided to start baking from scratch.

A few years and countless number of trial and error baking experiments later, it was actually one of my friends who suggested I should start my own blog as baking had obviously become more of a passion! And so here I am, in this exciting world of blogging with my very own baking blog called ‘The Bakealogue’.

So that’s my story … what’s yours?


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  1. I had to buy a new oven for Sara Apa’s baking habit.Her cakes specially are mouthwatering,no matter how strict you are in your dieting intentions!I am waiting to have a piece of your cake with my cup of tea.I am sure it is as lovely as you are.

  2. I am very impressed by this baking log.. very well done!!! I will have to ask ma wife to bake stuff from this blog…!!

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