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It’s never too late to go shopping!


At times I wonder how the older generation enjoyed baking as there were barely any baking gadgets available. I guess their work felt more rewarding towards the end though, as it was a much longer process! I’m so thankful however, my love for baking developed after the invention of all these gadgets as I absolutely love shopping for baking items. Here’s a sneak peak of the latest ones I bought and can’t wait to try out ….

Batter Dispenser: 


Ok, so I agree this is not an essential baking item to have as life did go on without one, but I couldn’t help it … the entire process of pouring the batter into the cupcake cases seemed so much less messy and a step closer to getting the same-sized cupcakes! And not just that, you can actually use this dispenser for a lot of other things too such as making pancakes! Oh please just agree with me here, so I feel less guilty about buying this one … pretty please!

Cake Leveller Tin:


Now this one, was an essential purchase! I’ve always wanted to make a 3 layered cake with icing in between but hadn’t so far, coz it’s just too time-consuming to either bake the layers in separate cake tins, or risk slicing one cake into even-sized layers! But with this cake leveller tin, all I have to do is just place the baked cake in the middle and slice with the help of the levels given. The tin also expands should you bake a bigger sized cake. Can’t wait to try this one out!

Time to head to good’ol Ikea now to purchase a new cabinet! Happy Shopping! 🙂


Keeping up with the landmarks!


So lets see … London has the London Eye, Singapore has the Singapore Flyer, Dubai has the upcoming Dubai Eye (soon to be largest Ferris Wheel in the world!), and what does The Bakealogue have? A CUPCAKE FERRIS WHEEL!! 😀 Isn’t it so cute? Not only is it great for presentation purposes but I also find it quite useful to cool the cupcakes in once they are out of the oven! Therefore if you’re big on cupcakes then I would highly recommend this product to you! And even when you’re not baking it would look super-cute with small flower pots placed inside (a brilliant idea given to me by my mum 🙂 ) … Time to go shopping yet? 😀 To view more gadgets recommended by The Bakealogue don’t forget to visit the Gadgets section …


Ding Dong .. your parcel has arrived! :D


Hurray! Look at what just arrived from New York … fondant silicone moulds … can’t wait to use them! If you love baking and happen to be in New York then do visit NY Cake as they have a great supply of baking gadgets ( To have a look at more recommended baking gadgets by The Bakealogue visit the ‘Gadget’ section .. happy shopping! 🙂