If you’ve clicked here then it’s time to put your apron and baking gloves on and try out recipes which have been an instant hit with my friends …. but before you get started you may want to run through our ‘Tips & Tricks‘ section to note down the essentials! Right, so lets turn the radio on and get baking!! Click on the image to view the recipe.


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  25. tried the ‘missisipi mud pie’, turned out awesome :), and as the yolks were getting wasted so made the meringues too, both were great, thanks for the great recepies. i did take the pics (just for show off :)) but they are not too fancy. i will send them anyways

    • That was quick! 🙂 So pleased to hear both the Pie and Meringues turned out great! Will look forward to the pics .. they don’t have to be fancy .. I stare at nothing but chocolate anyway .. hehe … so what’s next? Try the Milk & Cookie Shots .. you’ll like that ..

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