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Whose up for some gossip?


Whose up for some gossip then?:D Today was an afternoon well spent not just gossiping with my old school friends, but also at a cafe that happens to be called Gossip Cafe & Desserts. Catchy name isn’t it? That’s what actually tempted me to try out the place at Box Park (Dubai), as I was initially headed somewhere else. Well, I’m certainly glad I did, coz it ticked all the boxes I look out for when visiting a cafe … Ambience? Very cosy .. Friendly staff? Definitely .. Helpful staff? Very … Dessert variety? Gained calories just by going through the options … Dessert taste? Deeelicious, or at least the Date & Toffee Pudding I tried definitely was … Pricey? Just a tad, but certainly not if you’re sharing the dessert .. Will I go back again? For sure! Still have to try their ‘Ultimate Dessert’ which the staff highly recommended! It’s not just desserts by the way, as they have other options too for the ones with the missing sweet tooth ;). So fix a date with your besties and stay up to date with all the gossip at Gossip Cafe & Desserts located at Box Park, Dubai.


Gossip Cafe & Desserts, Dubai


Time to burn those calories … again!


And this, friends is my idea of a reward for going to the gym for a week! Haha .. It was sadly not followed by any dessert later though .. *sniff sniff* .. Jokes aside, tried a new recipe for fried chicken last night which both, my husband and I really liked, so thought it was worth a share! Loved the fact that the chicken was skinless yet still full of flavour … Plus, the recipe actually asked for the chicken to be deep fried but I chose to shallow fry and it did not affect the result. A must try, if you haven’t decided what to cook for dinner tonight …

Fried Chicken


Chicken (without skin): 1 kilo cut into 16 pieces
Salt: 1 tsp
Red Chilli Powder: 1 and 1/2 tsp (you can add a bit more if you want to make it more spicy)
Ginger & Garlic Paste: 1 tsp
Vinegar: 2 tbsp
Crushed corriander seeds: 1 tbsp
Crushed cumin seeds: 1 tsp
Gram Flour: 5 tbsp
Water: 1 cup
Egg: 1
Bread crumbs: as required

Boil the chicken in 1 cup of water and set aside. Do not throw away the water as it can be used in making the paste.
In a separate bowl, add and mix the salt, red chilli powder, ginger & garlic paste, vinegar, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, gram flour and egg. You can add a little water if necessary to make a smooth paste.
Marinate the boiled chicken pieces in the paste for at least 30 minutes or longer.
Dip the chicken pieces in bread crumbs and fry until a nice golden brown in colour.


Does it sing a song? :D


Just finished baking this music-themed birthday cake for a friend’s daughter who turns 11. The instructions from the birthday girl were simple .. “I don’t want a girly cake!” .. 😀 … Well, hope this is grown up enough for you Hiba! As for whether it sings a song? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see 😉 … Ahh, I love birthdays!

2015-05-25 22.01.25

Time to tickle those taste buds!


And I’m back!! How’s it going everyone? Apologies for the silent treatment the last few weeks, but had family and friends visiting recently and I went into complete lazy mode after they left. My friends have been nagging me the whole time to get back on baking track but I just wasn’t finding that inspiration anywhere to snap out of this phase … that was up until I came across a brilliant cafe yesterday that did the trick and made me want to bake again …

I’m referring to Spontiphoria Cafe on Wasl Square in Dubai. This cafe was truly love at first sight for me .. it was very bright and welcoming, and had such a cosy set up and ‘feel good’ factor, it almost felt like walking into the brightest room of your house! Spontiphoria is the first of its kind in Dubai as it’s actually a boutique as well a bakery. I was there to attend a Basic Baking Demo session yesterday which my friend had luckily signed me up for (and will probably expect baked goodies in return now as a thank you). I was greeted by the friendly owner, Sidiqa Sohail, and it was great to speak to someone who also has a strong passion for baking and had come such a long way to set up a wonderful cafe that had obviously become a crowd favourite by many.


As I waited for the demo to start, I flicked through the menu which was an absolute treat! They have so much to offer be it breakfast, snacks or simply desserts. The sandwiches they offer as snacks looked quite interesting as they were named after different cities worldwide. They served mini chutney sandwiches as the nibbles during the demo, and they were absolutely delicious! Definitely ordering those again when I visit next. But the part that stood out for me the most, was the section named ‘Dessert as meals!’ … and I do not joke, when I say there was a ‘Chocolate Burger’ on that menu as well! Now that is a dream come true for chocoholics like me! But as I was there for the demo, I had to behave, and decided to save digging in to all the wonderful treats at Spontiphoria for my next visit. It didn’t stop me from tasting their best seller ‘Salted Caramel Brownies’ though …. yummylicious!

The baking demo in itself was very informative. It was a good turnout, and everyone absolutely loved icing their own mini cupcakes towards the end. Spontiphoria does host many events throughout the year, so make sure you visit their Facebook page www.facebook.com/spontiphoria to keep track of it all.

My overall experience at Spontiphoria was an excellent one! I’ve always had a soft corner for cafe’s with the ‘home-made’ feel to it, and Spontiphoria definitely ticks that box. I’ve already made plans with friends to visit Spontiphoria again soon and will keep you posted on all the new goodies I try out. In the meantime, make sure you make your way there too and you’ll see what I meant about the ‘feel good’ factor.

Thank you Spontiphoria team for the wonderful experience!

I Scream,You Scream, We All Scream? Not Ice Cream :p


As Dubai weather continues to play games with us (sometimes hot, sometimes cold), thought it was time to bake something similar! So what you think looks like ice cream is actually cupcakes with frosting made to look like an ice cream cone! Pretty cool idea eh?

This is a great baking activity to get your kids involved in before hols end. Place ice cream cones in a muffin tray. Pour the cupcake batter a lil more than half full (don’t get carried away as it will overflow then). Bake in your pre-heated oven at 175 degrees for 12-15 mins. Once baked, make a small slit at the base of the cone to let the steam escape. This will prevent your cone from going soggy. Once cooled, add frosting or topping of your choice!

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

How many hearts on this cake?


I love birthdays! Baked this pink themed birthday cake for my friend who happens to love hearts! Can’t wait until she cuts it to discover the cake is pink too …. I was strictly warned not to add any numbers on the cake to disclose the age, so I thought I’d be a lil’sneaky and just add the same number of hearts instead … you’re not going to start counting now and get me into trouble, are you?? :p

Birthday Cake by The Bakealogue

‘Lets say goodbye to winter’ weekend


It’s that time of the week in Dubai when no matter how the entire day has been, everyone will be in a good mood for the next 15 mins as the countdown to weekend begins! Plans for the weekend are probably being exchanged at work, and some of us must even be secretly logged in to Facebook 😀 … Am sure there must be a lot of bbq plans this weekend too, to make the most of whatever is left of winter here. If so, then I have the perfect dessert you can bake and take along with you… Toffee Bars! This is an extremely simple dessert which has a brown sugar shortbread as the base (which gives the toffee effect), and topped off by mouthwatering chocolate and chopped nuts! The best part is it only involves a few ingredients and is quick to assemble! I personally love such desserts that are simple to bake but the final result makes it look like you’ve been at it for hours … but ssshhhh, i won’t tell anyone if you don’t wink emoticon …. While I go and make someone’s weekend very special by delivering these box of goodies, make sure you have a fantastic one yourselves! smile emoticon But wait … note down the recipe first, but only after you have drooled over the pic a bit .. haha!

Toffee Bars

Toffee Bars

Makes approximately 16 squares

All Purpose Flour: 1 cup
Light Brown Sugar: 1/2 cup
Unsalted Butter: 113 grams
Chocolate Chips (semi sweet): 1 and 1/2 cup
Chopped Nuts: 1/2 cup Read the rest of this entry